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Bionic Eye -Hope to the blind people

Have we ever wondered what life is like for people who don’t see it with their eyes? Their lives are not like ordinary people. They have to face difficulties in almost all the steps of their life. Is there any possibility to make their life colourful? Given the current situation, the answer would be yes. There is a hope for those people with bionic eye which is also called an artificial eye.

What is Bionic eye?

The term bionic was first introduced by Jack E.Steele in August 1958, which is a combination of biology and electronics. Bionic refers to have parts of the body that are electronic, and therefore able to do things that are not possible for normal human (according to Oxford dictionary).Bionic eye is an artificial eye which is implanted surgically in the place of normal eye which is damaged totally or have several damages in retina. The artificial eye allows the change of environmental light to such from on which the brain can work to make the signal that enables vision power. It can be said a visual device which makes a blind person able to visualise. 

How it works?

Australian University develops world’s first bionic eye to restore vision in the blind people fully. It works in the following way:

  1. Camera captures image and transmit data to an external, body wom processing unit.
  2. Data processed and sent to implanted system via external wire.
  3. Implanted receiver passes signal onto retinal implant.
  4. Implanted electrode array stimulates retina. 
  5. Electrical signal sent from retina via visual pathway to vision processing centres in the brain.

Advantages of a bionic eye:

  1. It enables blind people to correct vision.
  2. This can be implanted easily. 
  3. No battery is implanted in the body.


  1. It’s costly. 
  2. It may damage other tissues.
  3. Some axons may get excited between the electrode and ganglion cells which results in blur.

Susmita Chowhan 

Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology. 

Jagannath University, Dhaka -1100


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